Is India Back On Track : Dr. Uma Sharma

Article By : Dr Uma Sharma

Dental Surgeon (Haryana Government)
5 years of Multispeciality

Has India really recovered from this deadly Pandemic?

Covid 19 or corona virus is not letting the people life back to normal. After a long time of pandemic and lot of suffering all over the country life is still not back on track. People are suffering from medical to financial issues

Thankfully most of the people in India are recovering and our recovery rate touches approximately  90 %

But still there are lots of after effects of corona which we need to deal with to take our lives back on track. These after effects includes body ache, loss of appetite, breathing difficulty, muscle cramps, loss of sense of smell persists for 15 to 50 days of once you get covid negative.

Other than that, there are some severe symptoms, syndromes and aftereffects of covid which includes chronic fatigue syndrome, severe loss of memory, Parkinsonism, and organ damage resulted with further associated symptoms.

All these after effects if remain unattended they result in moderate to severe health issues, so we need to take a due care of associated damages, various people need rehabilitation

Doing some pranayama every day helps in fighting the damage associated with lung damage or pneumonia, few more yoga exercise also helps in improving health post covid. Diet plays a very important role in recovery from corona one should take advice from experts rather than avoiding those serious side effects. Expert advice, Healthy diet, and regular exercise are the key ingredients for the prevention of side effects of CORONA.






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