Crime which is growing under the eye of IMA And other Medical administrative staff:

Crime which is growing under the eye of MCI And other Medical administrative staff:

Quakes or Jhola chaap Doctors is the most common words which we hear on almost daily basis in medical field.

Quakes are those medical practioners who doesn’tn hold any degree or valid certificates which are required to conduct medical OPD (out patient deparments)
These are basically those who has either worked as compounders or assistants to qualified doctors but are not authorised to conduct Medical OPD.
But you will find plenty of such kinds in small colonies or rural areas practising in almost all the specialities like GP , Ortho , Gyn , Eye and other specialities.

There is no control over such people.
We as a responsible media people have started working on this and found they have no fear of even Chief medical officer as they have a support of local leaders.

They infact prescribe medicines like steroids or higher medicines and infact do surgeries which they are not atall allowed and ultimately the common innocent public has to pay for such a crime.
We as responsible media person started working on this and for this we spoke to various doctors from the administration which includes Dr Puneeta Hasija (President Haryana IMA ,Dr Vinay C.M.O
Faridabad, Dr Suresh Arora a leading Experienced ortho Surgeon and few other senior doctors as to how we can control this, its been almost 3 months we had a meeting with Dr. Vinay but no results so far.There after we have been following with Dr Vinay’s team but still the same.

We also proposed that either this should be stopped or They should be certified and provided with a necessary Trainings to carry out Medical OPD for the safety of public.
On a conversation with One doctor from Dr Vinays team he said that there are thousands of such Practioners and in case we start carrying out raids and we will be sitting for 365 days in police station for getting the FIR registered .I was amazed to hear such a statement from such an qualified and responsible doctor.
We did a survey and sent few pics and videos of few Quakes who are running OPD fearlessly, on their what’s app .

I request Dr Vinay and other on behalf of of DIN NEWS and Faridabad public to react on this and as a responsible person have a control over this crime.

This is a biggest crime as its dealing with the life of an individual.

If you guys agree than please like , and share this news so to save your friends , family members from becoming a victim of such a crime.


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